A Look Inside

Express Malice

Chapter 1

. . . This case involved the rape and murder of twenty-two year old Amy Lassiter. She had gone home for a weekend to visit her family and was returning to Atlanta. Her 2006 Mustang was later found abandoned along I-20 with a flat tire. An exhaustive six-week search had culminated in tragedy.


Chapter 2

. . . First, she heard her neighbors’ dog yelping. Then the other dogs on the block joined in, and Kate held her breath and listened, pulling the sheet up to her chin and staring at the ceiling. It was a quiet residential neighborhood near Decatur, but she was a woman who lived alone. She knew all the normal sounds of the night: the ambulances and police sirens, the jets passing overhead, the occasional couple coming home from a late night out and the familiar sound of their garage door. But when the dogs started howling, which they seldom did, it usually meant someone was out there prowling around.


Chapter 8

. . . Kate drove without thought. Finally she pulled up to the sixty year old bungalow in Candler Park where they had grown up and parked the car. It didn’t even look the same.