Express Malice

Express Malice

About Express Malice

A novel by Kathryn Hill

An enthralling legal thriller that takes the reader into the twisting labyrinth of the criminal justice system, the deep recesses of a woman’s heart and a maelstrom of dark desire, violence and danger.

Judge Kate Wood is a young, bright and brave woman whose judicial career takes second place to her hunt for the people that savagely murdered her sister.

There appears to be no safe place for Kate as she wanders through the dark side of her sister’s life. As the mystery unfolds, she finds herself a victim.

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What Others Are Saying

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. The characters were well thought out, the plot had some interesting twists.

Am looking forward to your future writings.

Also enjoyed hearing how you met your husband. Yep, Delta pilots can be persistent. 🤣

Ann DAgostino

This book was excellent. I truly felt for all the characters and could picture each one vividly in my mind. This book is dark and twisted, but it also contains aspects of finding joy and moving on during difficult times. An amazing plot and ending!

Anna S

This book was an enjoyable read. The author described the characters in such a way, you felt like you knew them. The book had a lot of turns and twists and evoked a lot of emotion with the characters. You liked some, hated some and felt horrible for some. I took this book with me on vacation because I usually take books I don’t mind putting down and picking up when there is a lull in my trip. This book kept my attention and it was hard to put down, kept me up several nights to finish. Look forward to this authors next book!

Lynn B.

Express Malice was a very enjoyable and easy read that kept my interest through out the entire book. Not being an avid reader I found myself having a hard time trying to put the book down as each page got better and better, and the ending was real surprise. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a good story that will hold their interest.

George Putvinski




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