Express Malice

Express Malice

About Express Malice

A novel by Kathryn Hill

An enthralling legal thriller that takes the reader into the twisting labyrinth of the criminal justice system, the deep recesses of a woman’s heart and a maelstrom of dark desire, violence and danger.

Judge Kate Wood is a young, bright and brave woman whose judicial career takes second place to her hunt for the people that savagely murdered her sister.

There appears to be no safe place for Kate as she wanders through the dark side of her sister’s life. As the mystery unfolds, she finds herself a victim.

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What Others Are Saying

I have too many questions!!!! You’re awesome at this… please write more books!!!!


Thank you Kathryn for sharing your talent with us. In a world with such injustice it is a refreshing thought that there are unlikely heroes that will put themselves in danger for justice no matter their personal pain. Can’t wait for your next book.

Terri Bell

Ms. Hill,
I just finished Express Malice. I found it was captivating and could not put it down. Myself and my wife have a signed copy thanks to our friend MAC. Great job fun read. Can’t want to read you next Kate novel.


Hi Kathryn!
We are enjoying our week at the beach and tell you that I am SO enjoying your book!!!! It is so easy to read and keeps me wanting more and more!! I can’t put it down!! LOVE IT!!





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